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Bode, the Quaintly Cool New Menswear Label, Gets High Marks in New York

Full Article   Full Gallery You hear the term “one to watch” often—but Emily Bode and her 7-month-old line, Bode, are the real deal. Think of this label as something of a dust-flecked golden beam cutting through the harder, sportier streetwear shroud that still dominates the zeitgeist. The Atlanta-raised designer—who graduated concurrently from Parsons with a menswear degree and Eugene Lang College with a philosophy degree—has a deeply throwback sensibility about her approach, with a “love instilled by [her] mother” of textiles. Bode’s pieces are mostly one-offs—singular applications of 19th- and 20th-century quilts, repurposed with printed cottons from the ’30s and ’40s—and she sources her antique fabrics from around the globe. If there was a datedness to her Fall collection,...

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Bode Fall 2017 Collection And Interview

Full Article Bode Fall 2017 Collection and Interview. In her FW presentation Bode uses inspiration from her childhood growing up on the North East. Colors were bright and bold, but not gaudy. The whole presentation was a displayed by models that incorporated an artistic approach (some were given lines to recite, and some just did interpretive dance).

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