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Love Stories - Emily Adams Bode

Full Article You use some very special textiles, are you a collector? I am a collector of many things, but try to accumulate textiles and produce clothing at a balanced rate. I want to make the beautiful useful again – what were both labors of love - practical in the home and in creation, and what was solely for decoration – have a new function.  I don't want to be a collector in that I am defined as only curating a collection for myself. I also collect to re-make that lost utility, to make that something from nothing, worthy of reflecting upon as useful and beautiful at the same time. Do you think there are limitations in menswear, and there...

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Blurred Lines: Three Designers on Living and Working in the Year of Genderless Fashion

Full Article Designer Emily Adams Bode’s dad doesn’t quite get it: “When he sees my clothes, he says, ‘what the heck? Who buys this?’ ” Maybe that’s because for any baby boomer Bode’s clothes, which are categorized as menswear, look too girly to be defined as such. But change is afoot. This year the fashion industry experienced more than a few breakthroughs when it came to embracing the idea of genderless style, both on the mixed male and female runways at big houses like Gucci, Saint Laurent, and Burberry and in the collections of visionary young designers like Bode and Grace Wales Bonner who refused to draw a line in the sand between girls and boys. Let’s also not forget...

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Brand to Know: A Men’s Wear Line Made From Vintage Quilts

Full Article he designer Emily Adams Bode has been accumulating fabric since childhood; she inherited some from her grandmother, and picked up other pieces while antiquing with her mom. Eventually, she began to frequent estate sales and trade shows herself, and buying surplus that vintage stores couldn’t sell. Now 27, Bode’s Lower East Side workroom is filled with everything from 19th- and 20th-century quilts (including several Victorian ones with intricate threading) to handwoven African textiles, from old stock from dish towel companies to grain sacks, and abstract floral fabrics that she created with a couple in India. Nearby stands a jam-packed rack of pants, shirts and jackets that a local tailor cut from these unexpected fabrics. It’s doubly unexpected that...

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