White Handpainted Nylon Rope Tote

White Handpainted Nylon Rope Tote

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This tote bag is made from handprinted nylon. The paintings are inspired by pre-war Ivy League tobacco silks. 

  • Eyelets
  • Rope
  • Suede

Spring/Summer 2020 pre-order ships out in early April.

This collection takes a look at my own familial ties to the Bode Wagon Company, a wagon building workshop based in Cincinnati, Ohio from 1824 to 1940. The narrative speaks to a specific time in history- that of their renowned commission for the Barnum and Bailey and Ringling Brothers Circus for ornate and elaborate show wagons. The painted and engraved tableaus of animals, far-away lands, and dreamscapes carried the circus as they traveled through the expansive and everchanging American scenery.